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Giuliano Hazan's Thirty Minute Pasta.

100 Quick and Easy Recipes.
176 pages. Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2009.

Italy! Pasta! Two words that invoke passion in everyone. In his new book, Giuliano Hazanís Thirty Minute Pasta: 100 Quick and Easy Recipes, this award-winning author and cooking teacher brings his passion to your table in this collection of sumptuous pasta dishes, all prepared in only 30 minutes.

"More and more people are realizing the importance of eating at home," notes Giuliano, "both as a way to strengthen family bonds and as a healthier, more economical alternative to dining out." Giuliano's recipes — hearty pasta soups, fresh-from-the-greenmarket vegetarian dishes, and meat and seafood sauces — bring satisfying pasta meals back to the weeknight table. Beautifully illustrated with 40 full-color photographs, Thirty Minute Pasta will have you feeling as if you've discovered an Italian trattoria right in your own kitchen.

“In this book, Giuliano Hazan takes pasta down to its simplest, most approachable forms without losing a jot of authenticity. Here’s an example of an instinctive cook who has the talent to lead the complete rookie to success. This is the sign of a good teacher and author.”
LYNNE ROSSETTO KASPER, host of The Splendid Table, public radio's national food show from American Public Media
“As one who could eat pasta every night of the week, Giuliano Hazan’s latest offering is so welcome! He has created a book that is both elegant and totally accessible, with recipes for every season of the year. So head for the market or open your pantry, put the water on to boil, and enjoy!”
PATRICIA WELLS, author of Patricia Wells' Trattoria
“Giuliano Hazan, heir to his mother’s great talent for spreading ‘the gospel of pure Italian cookery,’ and a master teacher and cookbook author himself, has thrown his chef’s hat into the fast and fabulous ring. Grazie, Giuliano, you’ve made busy weeknight dinners pasta perfect.” MORE»
“This remarkable project delivers so thoroughly we might momentarily forget Batali, Bastianich, Curti and other legendary Italian authors. In the end, his overall pasta sensibility lends a deserved reverence to this stately, historic, incomparably delicious food.” MORE»

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Historic 16th Century Villa Giona in the gastronomic heart of northern Italy