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About Giuliano

Departures Magazine, October 2010

In Italy, cooking schools sprout like porcini mushrooms, but few have the credentials of Cooking with Giuliano HazanRead more...

Mahshi and Baklava from Hazan Family Favorites

TODAY show May 3, 2012

Giuliano cooks up cabbage stuffed with lamb according to his grandmother's recipe.

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Savory, Simple Chicken Dishes

TODAY show - September 16, 2011

Giuliano shares his recipes for chicken filet with roasted peppers and chicken filet with a creamy piquant sauce.

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Learn to Make Risotto Two Ways

TODAY Show - October 20,2010

Giuliano prepares two delicious warm, creamy risottos, one featuring rich porcini mushrooms and the other earthy butternut squash.

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Attain Bliss with These 30-Minute Pasta Recipes

TODAY show-- May 17, 2010

Giuliano prepares two no-cook sauces for cool summer pastas.

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TODAY Show — September 10, 2009
If you love Italian food -- and pasta in particular -- then these recipes are for you. Italian chef and cooking school teacher Giuliano Hazan, author of "Thirty Minute Pasta: 100 Quick and Easy Recipes," shares the secrets behind two sumptuous pasta dishes: fusilli with tomato and mozzarella, and spaghetti with melon. MORE»

Giuliano Hazan Shares his Passion

for Pasta

The first thing you notice is the kitchen. No, that's not right. The very first thing is the irrationally exuberant chocolate brown poodle named Truffle. The Dog Whisperer would have a lot to say about Giuliano Hazan's canine companion, but once introductions are made, Truffle calms and then it's back to ogling the kitchen.
It's perfect, absolutely the center of the house, with six gas burners...MORE»


ForeWord Book Review

Giuliano Hazan's Thirty Minute Pasta — July/August 2009

Unassuming title, common-enough topic, and yet this remarkable project delivers so thoroughly we might momentarily forget Batali, Bastianich, Curti, and other legendary Italian authors. MORE»


Relative Greatness

St. Petersburg Times — April 5, 2006
Giuliano Hazan is demonstrating a cake recipe for a class of 20 rapt students, all perched on stools around a big steel table. The bearer of one of the most revered surnames in Italian cooking starts cracking eggs. MORE»

One Gentleman of Verona

Gourmet — August, 2005
When he was five years old, Giuliano Hazan was staying with his grandmother in Cesenatico, Italy. After eating a healthy portion of her Swiss-chard tortelloni, he smiled, sighed, laid his tiny head upon the table, and lapsed into unconsciousness.

Giuliano's grandmother called the doctor, who rushed to her home. He examined Giuliano with care. "The boy is fine," the doctor finally said. "He is sleeping. He is content.". MORE»

Giuliano Hazan Leads the Class in Italian Chef Legacy

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — February 24, 2005
He's like his mother. He has her familiar profile, he's a good cook, an in-demand cooking teacher and a best-selling author. He's like his father. He has his dark good looks with black hair that has gone to salt and pepper. He knows his wines, and he's an astute businessman.

Giuliano Hazan is the son of Marcella and Victor Hazan, long the reigning ambassadors and educators of all foods Italian..MORE»

Counting Her Blessings

Town & Country — November, 2004
As Marcella's eightieth birthday approached last spring, her son, Giuliano, decided it was high time she was honored for her achievements and the inspiration she's been to others. Even though three generations of Hazans (Marcella and Victor, her husband of almost fifty years; Giuliano and his wife, Lael; and their two daughters) now reside on the west coast of Florida, there was no question about where the event would take place: at the 16th-century Villa Giona, outside Verona, Italy. MORE»

One Gentleman of Verona

Lexus.MSN — September, 2004
In the kitchen, when someone with the last name "Hazan" says you're doing something wrong, you stop. Even if she's only 5 years old.

I was making pasta at Giuliano Hazan's cooking school in Verona, Italy, when his daughter Gabriella, watching me try to artfully incorporate eggs, flour, and water, quietly declared, "I don't think that's right." MORE»

An Italian Classic

Newsweek — June 14, 2004
"Sogno" ("I'm dreaming"), says Marcella with a sigh as she looks out the train window at the Venice station, where red poppies on the tracks grow as randomly as her memories. We're headed to the gala birthday celebration in Verona. ... Soon, more than a hundred loving friends-former students, restaurateurs, two granddaughters-will float across the lawn of the Villa Giona, the refined 16th-century estate in the heart of Valpolicella wine country, where the Hazans' son, Giuliano, teaches cooking. He has planned a splendid, almost endless feast." MORE»

Chef's Delight

The approach Chef Giuliano Hazan takes to cooking — few ingredients, simple directions, quick results, and impressive tastes — launched his cookbook Every Night Italian. This same basic philosophy carries over to the kitchen design, which he and his wife Lael planned with efficiency, entertaining, and serious cooking in mind. Step inside their kitchen, and discover streamlined ideas.MORE»

By Giuliano

You Are How You Eat

The New York Times –
July 6, 2004
What greater pleasure than to whip up — and eat — risotto with truffles, pasta with porcini, homemade tortelloni filled with Swiss chard and ricotta. ... I have had the good fortune of growing up with parents who nurtured my passion for cooking and eating well. Some of my fondest memories are of times spent in the kitchen with my mother. I would stand with her at the stove and carefully stir the risotto — something my 5-year-old daughter now does at my side. In Italy, cooking and eating are not chores, they are one of life's gifts that nourish the soul as well as the body. MORE»

Historic 16th Century Villa Giona in the gastronomic heart of northern Italy