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Field Trips in the Veneto and Beyond

View from S. Giorgio

he Veneto region is a portion of what was once the 1,000-year Venetian Republic, one of the glories of the Western World, birthplace of some of its greatest art, music, and architecture. It also offers extraordinary culinary treasures. Culatello During the day we will take field trips to learn more about these treasures. We will visit a rice mill where rice for risotto continues to be processed the way it was in 1648. We shall travel to medieval Sirmione on the southern shore of Lake Garda to experience a seafood cookery that epitomizes the exquisite, light-handed traditions of the lake. The olive oil from the Veneto is perhaps Italy's most elegant and we will visit a frantoio where it is made. We will also spend a day outside the Veneto to witness the making of Parmigiano-Reggiano and to taste the rare culatello, an air-cured ham that is even more prized than prosciutto.

Allegrini Wine Cellars
Allegrini cellars Parmigiano-Reggiano Factory
Parmigiano-Reggiano Market at Padova
Market at Padova 1648 Riseria
A 1648 rice mill

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